Mission and Vision

Our vision

  • To be the rightful pride of our country in the international field by producing national and domestic technology.
  • To serve the sustainable growth and development of our country by producing technologies of high quality and standards internationally.
  • To develop innovative solutions based on advanced technology in the fields that our country needs.
  • To offer new sectoral expansions and developments that enable the sustainable progress of the market.
  • To take the top position in the national and international market with its strong scientific infrastructure, innovative and creative staff policy aiming at continuous development.
  • To provide products and services that increase the competitiveness of public and/or private sector organizations with high competitiveness.
  • Being an internationally branded technology company.


To improve the quality and performance of 100% domestic and national products by reducing Turkey’s dependence on foreign technologies:

  • To contribute to building a brighter future by providing employment to the young population,
  • Being innovative to national and international customers,
  • Providing reliable quality products,
  • Ensuring satisfaction with appropriate solutions by being aware of customer expectations,
  • To be an organization that protects human health and nature by providing effective and quality products and services with professional staff and technical infrastructure, respecting ethical values, having a peaceful and happy customer base.